LEAP is a grassroots volunteer program and our work and efforts can only be achieved through the generosity of our supporters and donors. We are actively fundraising to help support both our short-term and long-term initiatives. Please consider donating today!

You can also make a special donation to support our newest initiative, Project MUSIC. Click here to donate your funds directly to Project MUSIC.

Your special contribution to LEAP may go towards:

  • Recreational activities like videography, social media, photography, yoga, art, etc.
  • Workshops such as conflict resolution training
  • Field-trips and other fun summer activities to Lebanese historical sites, the river, amusement parks, among others
  • Youth recreational centers to support their creative growth and provide safe and productive spaces
  • Building playgrounds for youth to have recreational spaces
  • Provide computer training and facilities for youth to develop technological and digital skills
  • School supplies and educational workbooks to help students in their English proficiency

Please consider making a generous contribution today and help support LEAP in empowering Palestinian refugee-youth in Lebanon. Education is a liberating tool and one of their greatest resources to overcome the challenges they will face. Donate today!

Checks for tax-deductible donations of any size are greatly appreciated and should be made out to the “WESPAC Foundation” (with “LEAP Program” in the reference line) and mailed to the following address:

WESPAC Foundation
LEAP Program
77 Tarrytown Road, Suite 2W
White Plains, NY 10607




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Your tax-deductible donation is managed by our fiscal sponsor, the WESPAC Foundation, which grants 91% of the funds to LEAP.


WESPAC is a 501c3 organization and is the fiscal sponsor of LEAP. Contributions to LEAP are tax-deductible.

LEAP Program

LEAP is a grassroots volunteer program established to provide educational empowerment projects to support the intellectual growth and creative curiosity of refugee-youth in Lebanon so they may become agents of change. As an apolitical humanitarian US-based organization, LEAP aims to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinian refugees in general, but particularly in Lebanon, to American volunteers.

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LEAP relies on the support of generous donors to sustain its projects. Click here to find out how you can support LEAP, or donate online:

We are also accepting donations for our newest initiative, Project MUSIC. Donate online:

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