Project MUSIC

Project MUSIC

In keeping with LEAP’s mission of supporting the education of refugee youth and raising awareness about their plight, Project MUSIC (Music in the Camps) aims to equip refugee-youth with musical instruments and provide music education in the camps, thereby stimulating creative and therapeutic expression to further nurture their psycho-social support and improve their overall well-being.

Through this endeavor, LEAP partners with organizations who share the vision of music as a formidable tool for empowerment to raise funds and awareness, recruit volunteers, and provide other resources in support of music opportunities and resources. LEAP will work with these organizations to ensure that funding raised for Project MUSIC is delivered to refugee-youth in the camps through working with our partner organization, Beit Atfal Assumoud (BAS).

LEAP has also initiated a partnership with Zawaya, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Arab Arts in the San Francisco Bay Area, to recruit potential music teacher-volunteers, raise funds for the program, and gather donated musical instruments.Interested candidates should demonstrate a strong music background in the areas of performance (instrument or voice), theory, improvisation, appreciation, and/or composition. Instruction on the following instruments is most needed for project MUSIC:


There is also a special need for training music instructors in the camps so that they, in turn, may provide sustainable music education to refugee-youth throughout the year and further develop their music programs.

Learn more about how you can help Project MUSIC by donating musical instruments.

Future endeavors with Project MUSIC include:

1) Sponsoring refugee-youth for a journey to the United States to participate in a performance with a US-based music group, such as the Aswat Ensemble, Zawaya’s music project;

2) Collaborative or joint performances by musicians in the camps and music groups outside of Lebanon;

3) Funding for music scholarships for refugee youth;

4) A “Play Pal” program, where children in the camps share their compositions, performances, and musical interests with others across the globe.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in supporting or participating in Project MUSIC, donating musical instruments, or partnering with LEAP in this endeavor, please contact us

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