LEAP Board Application

Deadline: 7 October 2017                  

LEAP is an educational empowerment program dedicated to nurturing the intellectual growth and creative curiosity of Palestinian refugee-youth in Lebanon so they may become agents of change in their communities and lead a positive trajectory in their lives.

Since 2010, LEAP has implemented over 8 educational projects and engaged with over 3000 young people on a volunteer basis. As LEAP rapidly grows, so too is the necessity for advanced management and institutional structure; nevertheless, we strive to maintain a “bottom-up” approach whereby our volunteers; our community; and our beneficiaries guide and drive LEAP’s projects and vision. We grow solely based on community needs and requests.

As a grassroots volunteer-run Program, our efforts are a labor of love and a demonstration of our strong belief in the right to education and international refugee rights. LEAP’s two-fold mission is to both empower Palestinian refugee-youth through education, as well as advocate for, and raise awareness about, the Palestinian refugee reality.

The LEAP Program is currently accepting applications for both its Board of Directors and its Advisory Board. LEAP is seeking accomplished, talented and responsible individuals with expertise and/or interest in the field(s) of refugees; advocacy; international development or relief; education; and/or youth empowerment/child protection. We are seeking dynamic and innovative individuals that are passionate and dedicated to LEAP’s mission and able to commit for a minimum of two years.

The Role of the Board of Directors: The Board of Directors meets 1-2 times a year; has minimal responsibilities; and works primarily on supporting LEAP in meeting its fundraising goals.

  • Support the strategic direction of the Program;
  • Contribute directly or indirectly to supporting LEAP in meeting its annual fundraising goals;
  • Represent and advocate for the interests of LEAP;
  • Help build relationships and partnerships with other organizations/individuals to advance LEAP’s mission;
  • Complement the knowledge and skills of the Advisory Board to more effectively promote, sustain, strengthen and expand LEAP.

The Role of the Advisory Board: Since LEAP is a volunteer program with no paid staff or administrators, the Advisory Board essentially takes on the coordination and management role of the Program by focusing primarily on project coordination and implementation; volunteer outreach/engagement; and advocacy. This requires approximately 3-5 hours a week.

  • Each Advisory Board member will innovate, spearhead, and facilitate a specific aspect of LEAP’s work including Education, Fundraising, Advocacy, and/or Project Coordination;
  • Drive strategic direction of LEAP;
  • Implement, design, and coordinate all aspects of LEAP’s operations;
  • Spearhead or support a sector of LEAP’s work;
  • Represent interests of LEAP;
  • Manage day-to-day management of LEAP such as, but not limited to, responding to inquiries; providing guidance and feedback on specific proposals and ideas; organizing awareness events/fundraisers; manage volunteer database and maintain consistent communication with LEAP’ers, etc.
  • Cultivate the energy of other Advisory Board members and volunteers;
  • Fundraise and help LEAP meet its fundraising goals;
  • Participate and organize LEAP events.

Requirements: A strong belief and commitment to the right to education for children; international law and rights pertaining to Palestinian refugees; the ability to fundraise and ensure that LEAP reaches its fundraising goals to implement its educational projects; solidify and strengthen the mission of LEAP and maintain its sustainability; guide the efforts of the Board; promote and represent LEAP; must be detail and results-oriented; take initiative and be proactive; work well-independently and on a team and hold oneself accountable to responsibilities.

LEAP Board Application

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LEAP Program

LEAP is a grassroots volunteer program established to provide educational empowerment projects to support the intellectual growth and creative curiosity of refugee-youth in Lebanon so they may become agents of change. As an apolitical humanitarian US-based organization, LEAP aims to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinian refugees in general, but particularly in Lebanon, to American volunteers.

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