LEAP Testimonials: Sarah, Vidaur, Will, Kim

LEAP Testimonials: Sarah, Vidaur, Will, Kim

91“The Palestinians living as refugees in Lebanon have so much to teach us in terms of patience, steadfastness, and generosity, and the American volunteers have the English language skills that are so vital for academic and economic empowerment of Palestinian students. The LEAP program has managed, in a short time, to facilitate a wonderful exchange between communities, strengthening our cross-cultural bonds and our solidarity.”

-Kim, University of California-San Diego, Summer 2011

“Over a month’s time, my students taught me how to be strong and achieve the impossible. We shared our dreams and we grew together.”

-Sarah, Graduate Center at CUNY, Summer 2012

“An experience that not only taught me about myself and tested my patience and endurance in teaching, but also opened my eyes firsthand to the true inhumanity imposed upon the Palestinians. I saw firsthand the lack socioeconomic resources given to the children and the need to let the world know that regardless of religion, nationality, culture, language, color, or any distinction, no person should be forced to live under such conditions.”

Vidaur, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Summer 2011

“LEAP isn’t just about English language instruction or even the youth. Every walk through the camp, argheela with new friends, and meal with your next-door neighbors brings you closer to the Palestinian community. These interactions are invaluable in better understanding Palestinian life in Lebanon and helping to close perceived cultural divides.”

-Will, Harvard University, Summer 2011


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