Show Up for Refugee Youth Today!

Show Up for Refugee Youth Today!

I hope this message finds you all in good spirits, despite the ongoing tragedies taking place in Palestine and across our many communities. Our hearts remain with the brave in Gaza who struggle tirelessly demanding their right of return.

I’m reaching out to you as members of our powerful community to ask for your critically needed support as LEAP  heads into our ninth year of Project SHINE, and our first year of Project MUSIC! LEAP is invested in young people creating positive changes in the world and we believe that education is a powerful tool for liberation.

As a grassroots-based, volunteer-run organization, all of our efforts are a labor of love. Year after year, LEAP has continued to not only operate, but to thrive in large part due to the unwavering support from our community. Our programmatic costs are upwards of $30,000 and almost all of our funds are raised by individual supporters who believe in our work.  With just about a month before the start of Project SHINE and Project MUSIC, we are actively focusing on securing the necessary funding for this summer’s program.

Can you join me in making a donation to the LEAP Program today? Every bit helps and even a little goes a long way. You can make a donation through our YouCaring page or on our website. Please consider generously donating to LEAP whatever amount you can–whether $10, $25, $50, $100–it all goes a long way!

As part of Project MUSIC, LEAP is also supporting refugee youth by collecting donated instruments. If you know of any individual or organizations that would like to donate any musical instruments, please contact Some preferred instruments include saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, violin, viola, guitar, oud, and flute. Most likely instruments will be transported by hand with our SHINE/MUSIC volunteers. Since larger instruments are more difficult to transport to the refugee camps and may entail shipping, please contact us prior to making a commitment to accept them from the donor(s). Used instruments must be in good condition. Minor scuffs and scrapes are fine. Stringed instruments with missing strings or strings that can be replaced are acceptable given that the frame of the instrument is in good shape. Please use your best judgment!

Additionally, you can make your donation go even further by sharing this email with other friends and family whom you think would be able to support and sharing our page on your social media!

With endless gratitude and solidarity,

Basma Eid

Program Director

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LEAP is a grassroots volunteer program established to provide educational empowerment projects to support the intellectual growth and creative curiosity of refugee-youth in Lebanon so they may become agents of change. As an apolitical humanitarian US-based organization, LEAP aims to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinian refugees in general, but particularly in Lebanon, to American volunteers.

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