Donate to Support COVID-19 Food Relief Fund for Palestine Refugees

Donate to Support COVID-19 Food Relief Fund for Palestine Refugees

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We’re already 75% of the way there – your support can push us over the top! 

To our beloved LEAP community,

We truly pray this message finds you in the best of spirits and health considering these trying times. 

As you may know, for several years, I have volunteered and fundraised to support Palestine refugees in the camps of Lebanon. This is a community I have come to know and love very personally and have beared witness to the injustice and severity of the situation.

Now, I am reaching out again and kindly plea for your urgent support Palestine refugee families in Lebanon. Your donation will support a direct food package or a food voucher to hardship families.

The economic situation in Lebanon has been significantly deteriorating for some time now, which has had a crippling and suffocating effect on Palestine refugees. The COVID-19 health crisis has compounded already dire circumstances, thus leaving the communities even more vulnerable. With many refugees working as daily laborers, who are now forced to stay home, this has meant no income. While they remain resilient and steadfast, the struggle is quite unbearable.

The cost of each food parcel is $40. With your support, whether through donating and/or sharing, I am confident we can collectively support sponsor these 300 families to remain safe and healthy this Ramadan.

Donations would be made to the WESPAC Foundation, which is a US based 501c3. Therefore, all donations are tax-deductible. Contributions will be made to a local non-profit organization, the National Institute of Social Care & Vocational Training (commonly known as Beit Atfal Assumoud). Check them out here:

Video of the food package: 

Please do not delay and consider donating as soon as possible so donations can reach families soonest. I am confiothat we can collectively support 500 families this Ramadan with your support.

We have reached 75% of our goal! Will you join us to support 500 families? 

Donate online here:

With deep appreciation,

Dina & the LEAP Family?

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