Palestine Refugees SHINE their Light on the World

Palestine Refugees SHINE their Light on the World

Every summer the kids of Rashidieh and Bourj El Shamale camps do what kids do best— they play, they sing, they run; they imagine and build worlds for themselves beyond the walls of their homes. Together, kids construct a reality of their own making, resisting the boundaries and limitations placed on them by governments and systems and creatively explore how to navigate this big, big Earth. Play is sophisticated — it is layered with lessons that kids learn about how to be themselves and how to be in the world itself.

Students attend Friday field trips to support their psychosocial wellbeing through play and nature, as well as develop bonds with peers and teachers beyond the classroom

The world has, in many ways, grown darker over the last four years—particularly here in Lebanon—where residents face one of the worst economic crises in history, Palestine refugees, as the most marginalized group, are faced with difficult choices every day about how to navigate this darkness in ways that enable their wellbeing—indeed, in ways that enable their very own survival. The weight of the last four years has perhaps shaken the foundations upon which many kids’ goals stand — their education. 

A glimpse of the first week of SHINE in Ms. Tanya’s English class, Rashidieh camp

And here all of you enter. Each of you, born into a particular set of life circumstances that brought you to this community. Wherever you may be, however you may have supported or been involved, you have the power to create new beginnings and expanded opportunities for Palestine refugee children and their educational journeys.

LEAP foreign volunteers meet with 1948 refugees to learn firsthand about the Nakba

Whether you are here physically or in spirit, join us in standing with Palestine refugee children and showing them that their learning matters, their dreams matter, that they matter.

Caregiver awareness session on Positive Parenting Skills, 14 July 2023, Bourj el Shamale camp

Donate today to allow us to offer academic support beyond summer for the scholastic year ahead to ensure children remain in school and have the support they need to overcome learning loss. Contributions may also be made via Venmo @wespacfoundation with ‘LEAP’ in the notes section.

Mr. Zaid’s English class, Rashidieh camp

Until return,

Jackson Gzehoviak

Director – Education

Students engage in recreational activities to improve their wellbeing

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