SHINE Project Coordinator and Community Coordinator Positions


The LEAP Project Coordinator (PC) and Community Coordinator (CC) are responsible for the daily decision-making and operations that support the LEAP project and all other related initiatives. Each camp will have a focal PC, who will work alongside other camp PCs, and the LEAP Directors. The primary responsibility of the PC is to fulfill the project’s mission by coordinating closely with other PCs, the Educational Coordinator (EC), and managing the LEAP team both inside and outside the learning centers.  Preference is given to Arabic speakers due to the nature of the role in building relationships and interacting with people within the community.  However, non-Arabic speakers are encouraged to apply and may be appointed co-Project Coordinators.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Daily activities include, and are not limited to: participation in diagnostic assessments; review and analysis of the program’s mission; extensive writing, editing and communications/information development; and interaction with staff, vendors, parents, students, ECs, volunteers, and the LEAP Directors.

Duties will also include maintaining meeting/workshop minutes; conducting a survey of program staff and students; authoring report-backs and program updates; scheduling and coordinating events,  recreational activities, and field trips; purchasing supplies as necessary for volunteer homes/classrooms, etc.; organizing and arranging class trips (i.e. renting buses, venues, coordinating permission slips and dates with staff/volunteers); and coordinating volunteer lunches/dinners/meetings/weekend excursions. The PC will also be required to maintain internal reports and project team organizational charts; update the team calendar and resolve scheduling conflicts, as required; as well as other administrative/operational duties.

PCs must keep in mind that they are required to manage and lead LEAP volunteers. The PC should enforce program rules and remind volunteers of their responsibilities. While it is important to have a good rapport with volunteers, we expect PCs to carry themselves as leaders and to handle themselves maturely, have a clear sense of purpose and responsibility throughout the duration of the project, and demonstrate strong leadership and coordinating skills.

Candidates must demonstrate:


Successful PCs & CCs must have strong analytical, communications, and interpersonal skills, as well as demonstrate the ability to multi-task, and act as a leader and a team player. PCs and CCs must maintain a clear sense of purpose throughout the summer program. There is a significant amount of administrative work, so proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are required. In addition, PCs must possess the following skills:

  • strong character, poise, and maturity to effectively work with partner organizations, manage the LEAP team, and the community in which you will be living/working
  • ensure all LEAP volunteers are adhering to the LEAP code of conduct
  • manage multiple schedules and calendars
  • arrange and coordinate airport pick-up/drop-off
  • liaise with landlords
  • coordinate field trips, recreational activities, volunteer trips
  • lead and arrange volunteer meetings
  • liaise with partner organization
  • communicate and report back daily to LEAP Director and provide written evaluations and updates

Project Coordinators and Community Coordinators share similar roles. The CC works in close collaboration with the PC, however, the CC is solely responsible for all things related to the Community Project, as opposed to general Program responsibilities. 

LEAP Program

LEAP is a grassroots volunteer program established to provide educational empowerment projects to support the intellectual growth and creative curiosity of refugee-youth in Lebanon so they may become agents of change. As an apolitical humanitarian US-based organization, LEAP aims to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinian refugees in general, but particularly in Lebanon, to American volunteers.

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